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Words to use instead of LOOK
The first thing we need to do is to get a definition of the word look. This is important because in order to use other words instead of look, you first need to understand that word can be used in different ways depending upon the context of the situation. The definition of the word will explain these different contexts. The word look can be used as a verb or a noun.

As a verb, look can:
• Direct your eyes at a person, place, or thing.
Example: Ralph looked at Beverly. Alternative: Ralph peered around the corner at Beverly.

• To have, or give, the appearance of something.
Example: The house had the look of being abandoned. Alternative: The house had the appearance of being abandoned.

•To investigate, or attempt to find.
Example: He started to look for the book. Alternative: He started to search for the book he had misplaced.

Below is a list of verbs that can be used instead of look. You will notice that I did not put in the list any of the compound verbs that can be used with look; for example look + up, down, about/around, out, away, after, ahead, back, down upon, for, forward to, into, out for, over, up to, to (rely on). I left these out as this is a list of words to use instead of look.

feast one's eyesflashfocusfollow upforage
oglepeekpeeppeerpore over
spystarestudysurveytake a gander
take looktake intrackviewwatch

As a noun, look can:

• Be an expression of countenance.
Example: He had the look of disgust on his face. Alternative: The grimace of disgust on his face clearly communicated his feelings.

• Be a style or fashion, or outward appearance.
Example: The dress made her look beautiful. Alternative: She was very beautiful in that dress.

Below is a list of nouns that can be used instead of look.


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