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Instead of IS
There is no easy list of words to use instead of is, and the reason is because of where the word is comes from. Therefore, when looking for a word or words to use instead of is, you need to understand the origin of this word.

The verb is comes from the verb “be.” To be exact, it is the 3rd person singular present indicative of the verb, be. Oh my goodness, you're thinking to yourself, what on earth does that mean? That's a good question, so let's break it down. 3rd person refers to he, she, and it. He is, she is, it is. You cannot use is with 1st person words, i.e. “I is” cannot be used. Present indicative means that the action is happening right now. Here are two examples: Mary is eating the cake. He is going to the store.

The verb is acts as a linking verb and therefore agrees with its subject, not its complement. For example: Steve's favorite dessert is strawberry pie.

So what do you do when you want to use another word instead of is? Simply change the tense of your sentence and use a different form of the verb be. Here are some examples:

Steve's favorite dessert is strawberry pie. (Now let's change things around and get rid of the word is.)
I am sure that his favorite dessert will be strawberry pie after he samples this.
Previously, his favorite dessert had been strawberry pie.
They sure are fond of strawberry pie.
They were at the house to eat strawberry pie.
He was sure that Steve liked strawberry pie.
Last night at Steve's house, we were served strawberry pie.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas just in case you are looking for another word to use instead of is. Let your imagine run and you will have no problems using another word instead of is.

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