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Kitten Salvation

Steven P. Wickstrom

> Recently, my city experienced a thunderstorm that dropped several inches of rain in a matter of hours. It rained so hard that it turned the backyards in my immediate area into a small lake. The next morning as I was outside surveying the damage caused by the storm, I heard a cat's meow. Since there are numerous wild cats living in the area, I thought nothing of it.

Around noon, I was out on my patio and I heard the meow again. I paused to listen to see if I could determine where it was coming from. After a while I heard it again. It was coming form underneath a mobile home that was next-door to me. I decided that if cat could get underneath or through the mobile home's skirting, it could get out again. I chose not to worry about the cat.

Later that afternoon, as I was outside again, I heard the meow again. Since my wife was home at this time, I called her outside to listen. She listened with me and we decided to lift a section of the skirting to let the cat out. The neighbors were not home but we did not that they would object to our actions. We lifted a section of the skirting and waited. Nothing happened. The cat did not try to escape out from underneath the mobile home.

We got down our hands and knees and looking into the opening, peered into the darkness. There was about three to four inches of water on the ground underneath the mobile home. We saw a small kitten sitting on a pipe on the other side of the mobile home. Had it been a full grown cat, we would have left it alone. But who can ignore a small helpless kitten? We knew that there was no way a small kitten could wade through that much water to escape its predicament. The decision was made to rescue the kitten.

We walked around to the other side of the mobile home to look for a place where we could remove the skirting. The closest that we could get to kitten's location was about six feet away. I removed the skirting and looked down at the water and mud. We looked into the opening and saw a sewage pipe running about parallel to the skirting, with about twelve inches in between it and the skirting. We could see the kitten sitting on this pipe looking very forlorn. There was no way around it; I was going to have to get wet and muddy and squeeze between the pipe and the skirting. As I was getting ready to crawl into the water and mud, my wife got down in front of me and start to crawl in.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked. “I'll go in there and get the kitten.”

“I'm sure.” she replied, “I want to do this.” And in she crawled.

About a minute later she backed out again with the small kitten held firmly in her hands. The kitten was wet, half covered in mud, and mewing pathetically. We took the kitten back to our home to be cleaned and fed. The kitten has a new life and is doing well and growing. We named him, Noah. We assume the mother cat abandoned her kittens when the water started to rise. We do not know if there were other kittens that drowned in the high water. We rescued the only kitten that we saw. Our hearts went out to the one we could see and we focused our energy on him. Several days later, God gave me spiritual parallel.

Before time began, God looked down and saw man drowning in his sin. A way would have to be made to rescue man from his sin. God knew he would have to get down on his hands and knees and crawl through our sin to reach us. But then Jesus got down on his hands and knees and got in front in God and he started to crawl into the hole.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked God. “You know what will happen.”

“I'm sure,” responded Jesus. “I want to do this. I want to rescue them.”

God nodded his head and sent Jesus to be born in a manger. He crawled through the mud and grime of our sin to reach us. He stretched out his arms and was crucified on a cross. Three days later, God raised Jesus from the dead. At that time, Jesus grasped us into his hands and pulled us off the sewage pipe of life. He washed the mud and grime of sin off of us, fed us and gave us a new life. We no longer have to worry about falling off the pipe and drowning in our sin. Jesus provided the way. All you have to do is let him rescue you. Don't run away, and don't jump off the pipe. Simply accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, and he will rescue you from your sin.

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