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Copyright Information

Steven P. Wickstrom

An attempt to answer your copyright questions...

I sometimes get asked why I copyright the content on spwickstrom.com (usually by Christians who are against the copyright laws). Some Christians misguidedly think that because the Bible does not specifically mention Intellectual Property, it therefore does not exist. They argue that since copyrights and patents did not exist while the Bible was being written, they should not exist today. (I'm guessing they have no problem driving an automobile that did not exist back then, and therefore should not exist today.) My answer is that it is the law, and the Bible requires me to follow the laws (that do not go against Biblical morality). Copyright laws do not go against Biblical morality. It is not only in my best interests to obey the copyright laws, it in my readers best interests as well. I do not want my readers unwittingly breaking the copyright laws. I copyright the content I produce to encourage people to “copy it right.” As long as people clearly reference and/or link to the source of the material, I have absolutely no problem with people copying, printing, and/or distributing it. In fact, I want people to spread my articles to anyone who would be benefited by it.

The copyright © notice on pages in the spwickstrom.com domain simply reminds you that this website and myself (it's owner) maintain the copyright on all of the associated web pages. This includes the graphics, text, and all other content. In accordance with international copyright law, everything is copyrighted, whether or not it includes a copyright notice.

Online Distribution

You may link to and share articles produced by Steven P. Wickstrom, but you may not post those articles on your website without permission.

Offline Distribution

You may duplicate and distribute my articles without prior permission as long as you follow the restrictions outlined below.

  1.    You may duplicate and distribute only full-length versions of the messages.
  2.    You may not edit the content in any way.
  3.    You may not charge for the material (even to recoup your costs).
  4.    You may not include personal or organizational contact information on any article.


I are happy to allow you permission to use content from my website under the following guidelines.

  1.    Using spwickstrom.com Web Content – General Guidelines
  2.    Provide the content for free.
  3.    Make no changes to the content.
  4.    Credit the content to Steven P. Wickstrom or www.spwickstrom.com.
  5.    Cite the copyright information (e.g., “Copyright 2007, Steven P. Wickstrom. All rights reserved. Used by permission.”).
  6.    Cite the source by providing the Web address (e.g., “spwickstrom.com”).

Distributing spwickstrom.com Content

Distribution in print (newsletter, bulletin, tract, etc.) or in an email is permitted, provided the General Guidelines (above) are followed.

Have a question or comment about the copyright policy?

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