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How does a bird with a fear of heights learn how to fly?

This new family book about a young seagull, titled "The Seagull Who Was Afraid To Fly" by Steven P. Wickstrom, (Publish America, ISBN 1-4137-1890-6, June 2004, 73 pages, $14.95) is printed in softcover and is available at both retail bookstores and online.

Honolulu, HI June 15, 2004 -- "The Seagull Who Was Afraid To Fly" is a delightful story the whole family will enjoy about the importance of friendship, conquering fears, and overcoming obstacles. This is a story about a young seagull who was afraid to fly. He must master his fears by depending upon friends for strength and support.

Meet Dusty - a recently hatched seagull. He has a fear of heights and as a result, Dusty is afraid to fly. Even though the inability to fly embarrasses him and makes him afraid, Dusty is willing to trust his friends and face his fears. He doesn't seek adventure, but it seems to follow him. He finds himself in some rather unique situations, and makes some rather unusual and interesting friends.

A bird's first reaction to any problem is to fly away. Because he can't fly, Dusty is forced to face problems that shape his character in ways that make him unique. He would rid himself of his fear of heights if he could, but he doesn't know how to do it. He must learn the importance of friendship, to trust and depend upon friends and ultimately overcome the obstacle of his fear.

This is Mr. Wickstrom's first published work. He is an active duty member of the U.S. Coast Guard. His years of sea duty have allowed him to observe many various sea birds and animals in their natural habitat. Many of those creatures have become characters in this book.

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