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Here are some more Children's and Young Adult books that you might like to read.

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children books

Meet Mushy Mouse
This is a story about a fat lonely mouse named Mushy who is trying to find his way into the hearts of others. He is searching for love by changing his surroundings and trying to overcome his bashfulness to make a friend. He moves to a big city from his country life in hopes of finding his true destiny. His parents are killed by a snake while he is still young. His uncle was like a second father to him and takes him in to raise as his own. His uncle also helps him get a job in the city and he has a really good chance of finding a friend now. He dreams of having a lady friend and his own home one day, a family life like his new friend. He only wants to make his uncle proud of him. He only wants a true friend. He finds one and the love of his life through his new friend.

Author: Rosalee S. Wilson

Shadow's Walk
Shadow is a big, fat cat with black and white fur. One day he takes a walk around the neighborhood and causes quite a stir. He's not looking for trouble as he walks down the street; he is just being friendly, looking for someone to meet. Accompany Shadow in the rhyming text and amusing storyline as the neighbors mistake him for a skunk. With a "skunk" on the loose, the neighbors are all in a tizzy as they decide what to do. Thank goodness for Bernie. He is laughing out loud as he tells them there is nothing to fear. Shadow isn't a skunk at all, he is a cat. Skunks are funny creatures. No one wants to meet a skunk and risk getting sprayed. Shadow's Walk makes us all laugh at our humorous fear of skunks.

Author: Jennifer Ragan

Messy Myko & Tidy Tyko
Eleanor Aspin, author of Help Me! Help Me!, has created another delightful rhyming book for young children, allowing them to take a peek into the opposite worlds of Myko and Tyko, a pair of sibling brothers. This is a story depicted with colorful pictures and rhyming verses, showing your child opposite patterns of sleeping habits, daily play, organizational skills, and eating choices. Whose habits will your child identify with, Myko's or Tyko's? The ending brings about a small surprise and sends an important message about our similarities and differences.

Author: Eleanor Aspin

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young adult books

Rotten Patterson Kids
Wesley Harris finds his life turned upside down when he is suddenly bullied into running for class president just as the rotten Patterson kids, a band of delinquent brothers, descend upon the middle school, wreaking havoc at every turn. Wesley must face situations he may not be prepared to handle, and his friendships and character will be sorely tested in the process. Will he get through this election or will the rotten Patterson kids get the best of him and his friends?

Author: Tony Pearson

It's Only Me
(This book is perfect for teens) Noelle has known Josh ever since they were small children in elementary school together. He has been the one she looks up to, the one she admires, and as they grow older, the one she falls deeply in love with. During her freshman year of high school, she also meets Riley, and the three of them instantly become close friends. When Josh breaks up with his long-time girlfriend, Noelle sees it as her last chance to get him to notice her as more than just a friend. All the while, Riley, the ever-faithful best friend, stands by and watched Noelle as she goes through the pain and heartache of loving someone who does not love her. And he knows the pain all too well, as he is in love with her. Should Riley admit his feelings for Noelle, or just stand by and settle for her friendship? Will Noelle ever tell Josh how she truly feels? Can their friendship survive the turmoil of their inner feelings, or will it all be torn asunder before graduation ever happens?

Author: Gwendolyn Michelle Davis

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A Dreamers Story
By all accounts, twelve-year-old Jonathan Edward Maxwell is a normal boy with a normal life. That is until he visits the Land of Slumber one dream-filled night and is told that only he has the power to save this magical world from the nightmares that plague it. Accompanied by a pair of brave companions, Jonathan sets out to find the only one who can help regain control of these nightmares, including the worst of them all, a monstrous dragon named Skold. Unfortunately, the only one who can help them is the one who created the nightmares in the first place, the original nightmare known as the Boogie Man. Before all is said and done, Jonathan and his companions will encounter many of Slumber's unique inhabitants, face grave dangers, and uncover a secret that will shake the foundations of the Land of Slumber. Let the dream begin.

Author: Jeremy Marc Girard

Secret Hearts
Eleven-year-old Katherine's life is about to change dramatically. An unexpected move brings her to the South, taking her from her homeland in Canada. Katherine's move brings with it a series of challenges that she must overcome if she is to survive her new surroundings. Life starts off rough from day one and continues rapidly on a downhill slide. Jasmine, her greatest adversary, is as cold as ice, and the rumor is only an ice pick can crack her tough exterior. She creates endless opposition, and Katherine is left wondering if it will ever stop. Surely Jasmine's assignment in life was to make her miserable! Katherine's mother assures her that everyone has some good in them, but according to Katherine, it would take a miracle to find any good in Jasmine Stokes. Are there any miracles left in the world? Katherine is about to find out - the hard way.

Author: Leslie A. Neilson

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Little Brown Shoes
Cassandra Fitch isn't happy. Not only is she the new kid in town, she despises the school shoes she has to wear. But what's worse than that? It's waiting for the wonderful red shoes that she really wants more than anything! Every day is a temper tantrum and Little Brown Shoes is afraid he'll be thrown away as soon as Cassandra gets the shoes she wants. What Cassandra doesn't know is that there are things more important than always getting exactly what you want. Join Cassandra and Little Brown Shoes as they start down 3rd grade's bumpy road together, both experiencing the importance of patience and friendship while learning a few of life's toughest lessons along the way.

Author: Shannon Young

Linda Evers doesn't want to believe she's going insane. She thought she was just going to enjoy a pleasant vacation with her grandparents. Instead, uncontrollable blackouts begin to play tricks on her mind and body. Sinister silhouettes haunt her dreams. Are the dreams occurring to drive her mad or are they actually prophetic nightmares? Linda desperately wants to understand the eeriness that is infringing upon her existence. She doesn't know that it and much more will initiate her into a union with a mysterious stranger named Travis Wade that is destined to be.

Author: Patricia Gordon

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Frenching Violet
Grounded for the first week of summer vacation, Chas Huckabee becomes so bored he resorts to reading a book. It's Huck Finn and suddenly inspired, he sets out to write about his own adventures. Everything changes the first day of seventh-grade. Somehow, somewhere, the girls all got boobs. And for Chas Huckabee, it just keeps getting weirder from there. As it happens, Chas and his best friend both like the same girl. Although Chas had given Violet his cherished stack of Beatles bubblegum cards back in first-grade, Marco has really cool hair that tucks out like a duck. But when Violet catches Chas ogling her best friend Judy's chest - that clinches it. Violet chooses Marco, setting off a chain of events that culminates in Chas betraying Marco, two-timing his girlfriend Judy, and Frenching Violet.

Author: Gary Marchal

First Daughters' Jewels
Fifteen year old Lauren Waverly's world is collapsing. Her protective older brother, Bob, has gone off to college. Her best friend, Stephanie, has a new boyfriend. Stephanie's boyfriend's best friend has a crush on Lauren. YUCK! Her gym partner, Jennifer, is too enthusiastic about the self-defense course for Lauren's own safety. Two mysterious strangers come to town-one a descendent of the town's founding family-and Lauren's mom becomes unapproachable and moody. With no one else to talk to, Lauren turns to a young, popular priest, Fr. Dave McGhee, at her church for help. Then one day, Lauren is sent home early from school to find two high-ranking church officials waiting in the living room to talk to her. Fr. Dave has been sent away; accused of sexually abusing her! Lauren struggles to understand what is going on and find a way to stop the changes in her life.

Author: Sara L.G. Ruffini

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Wyoming Hope
Megan Harper can't believe how hard college is. "How will I ever become a vet? It's all I've dreamed of doing." Looking for a change of pace, Megan takes a job at her cousin's ranch in Wyoming. The fresh air and being around horses will help Megan decide her future. She doesn't bargain for the trials and misguided adventures of seven children, or seeing herself in them. When Megan finds herself falling in love with Clay Walker, a rugged cowboy, she becomes more lost. A man who seems to have it all and enjoys life. But is it what Megan wants? "Why won't anyone give me the answers I need?" Megan asks herself. Gray Cloud, Clay's grandfather, teaches Megan to look within herself for the answers. Trust her heart, follow her dreams, no matter who or what stands in her way. But is it that easy?

Author: Susan E. Richmond

The Brook That Held Many Secrets
David is a nine-year-old boy living in Vermont with his middle-aged parents. Loneliness contributes to his accidentally finding a secret family that encourages him to face the future, known only to them. Learning his father's sudden decision to move came as a complete surprise to David and his mother, but his dad won't confide in anyone the reason why. David hates to leave the farm, but he can't change his dad's mind, or find out why he is being so secretive about it. What is about to happen that will tear David's world apart? How he longed to be back on the farm near his brook, where it all started. Who was looking out his bedroom window onto his brook now? Would they find out the secret that David discovered there? How his life had changed in the two short years since he had left Vermont . . .

Author: Twilah

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The Black Pond
Eighteen-year-old Annie is attempting a new start after her parents were tragically killed by a drunk driver. Feeling a bit lost and out of sorts, Annie decides to follow through on plans for college, and also finds a job working for an older, vibrant woman named Mrs. Sterling. One of the first tasks in her new job is to clean out the attic, where Annie finds an old diary buried in a box. She soon finds herself emotionally involved with the diary owner's struggles as well as her own, such as her growing friendship with Daniel, a veterinarian student. While slowly rebuilding herself, she stumbles upon a surprising secret that changes her life. Annie's humorous and heart-felt journey takes place near Clifty Falls State Park in beautiful southern Indiana.

Author: Chris Shanley Dillman

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