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For some fun and interesting things to do,
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magic number

Think of a number, the computer will tell you what you picked.

math quiz

Here is a place where you can pratice your math skills.

guess the country

The goal of this game is to guess a country name. The computer will randomly generate a country and you have to find the country name.

tic tac toe

Care to play a game of Tic Tac Toe?


How good is your memory? Find out with this game of concentration. Can you beat your best time?

word game

Discover The Word Game plays much like Wheel of Fortune. An A-Z letter's panel is provided to discover the word easily. You must guess using 5 tries or less.

States trivia

Do you need to know some trivia facts about any of the 50 states? Simply select the state from the pulldown menu. Facts include the state's capital, date admitted into the Union, flower, bird, tree, and nickname.

send code

Have you ever wanted to send coded messages back and forth to your friends? Now you can with this simple program.

typing test

This program will actually give you a typing test and then tell you the results in words per minute! It's really neat!

learn to type

This is a simple program that will help you learn how to type. It teaches finger placement by color code.

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