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The Seagull Who Was Afraid To Fly

About the book…

The Seagull Who Was Afraid To Fly

Meet Dusty - a recently hatched seagull. He has a fear of heights and as a result, Dusty is afraid to fly. Even though the inability to fly embarrasses him and makes him afraid, Dusty is willing to trust his friends and face his fears. He doesn't seek adventure, but adventure seems to follow him wherever he goes. He finds himself in some rather unusual situations, and makes some rather unusual and interesting friends.

A bird's first reaction to any problem is to fly away. Because he can't fly, Dusty is forced to face problems that shape his character in ways that make him unique. He would rid himself of his fear of heights if he could, but he doesn't know how to do it. He must learn the importance of friendship, to trust and depend upon friends and ultimately overcome the obstacle of his fear.

Step inside Dusty's world where you'll meet Paco the sealion, Elvis the banjo playing harp seal, Flim and Flam, the hermit crabs, and many fictional creatures. Caution: you may never look at animals the same way again.

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The Seagull Who Was Afraid To Fly
ISBN 1413718906
$14.95 Paperback
73 pages
6 × 9 inches

Copyright © 2004 Steven P Wickstrom

This book is written for Middle Grade to Young Adult (but also includes adults who are young at heart).

Permission granted by:
P.O. Box 151
Frederick, MD 21705

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