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The Seagull Who Was Afraid To Fly

Steven P. Wickstrom

Characters in the story

The Seagull Who Was Afraid To Fly

Dusty (seagull)
Dusty, the main character in the story, has a fear of heights, is very friendly and very young. He gets along with almost everyone he meets (he's one of the few seagull's I've met that I can say that about, except perhaps for Jill).

Jill (seagull)
Jill is a little older than Dusty and is very polite and mature (if you personally know any seagull's, you know just how rare this is). She loves adventure and enjoys meeting new people.

Flim (hermit crab)
Flim is a yellow-shelled old crab. Quarrelsome, grouchy, and every now and then, good tempered. (Probably not much different from most crabs you'll meet on the beach.)

Flam (hermit crab)
Flim's brother Flam is an orange-shelled old crab. Except for their different colors, it's very difficult to know which one is which. I'm also not sure who's older. (They refuse to tell me how old they are and I suspect that's common among crabs.)

Paco (sea lion)
Paco is laid-back, content, and doesn't get overly excited about anything. (Paco once told me that he was a philosopher, but I still have my doubts about that.) He does ask however, that you don't take advantage of his good nature and climb up onto his bouy without first asking for permission.

Elvis (harp seal)
Elvis is one of the more musically gifted harp seals. His winning personality, and irresistable charm make him a winner with the ladies. (I still haven't figured out why the ladies faint when he simply winks at them, when I tried it all they did was laugh.)

Bryan (Canadian goose)
Bryan is a young goose who basically thinks he knows everything. He doesn't mind his manners and has a tendency not to do as he's told. (If you have met Bryan or someone just like him, you know just how irritating this type of person is.)

Francois (French poodle)
Francois is the owner of Frenchy's Cafe, probably the best restaurant on the beach. He is high-strung and takes himself very seriously (he is a poodle after all). If you're ever in his cafe, order the Seaweed de Mer et Julienne de legumes, it's delicious.

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