Here is some information about the chapters in the book.

seagull who was afraid to fly


chapter 1

Where Dusty is born and grows up in the nest with his brothers and sister.

chapter 2

Where Dusty leaves the nest and begins his journey down to the beach.

chapter 3

Where Dusty meets the two old Hermit crabs named Flim and Flam, and bumps into Jill.

chapter 4

Where Dusty and Jill swim out to meet with Paco the sea lion on his bouy.

chapter 5

Where Dusty and Jill meet Elvis, and get to hear him in concert.

chapter 6

Where Dusty and Jill run into Bryan, and eat at Frenchy's Cafe.

chapter 7

Where Dusty and Jill meet Phred the toad, and face the peril of the cat.

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